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Jeanete C. Torlao, 38 yrs old, Separated with 1 child age 19 yrs old. She been working in Abudahbi for 2 yrs. taking care the 1 yr. old baby, send and fetch in school the 2 young children age 12 and 10 yrs. old, marketing, and taking care of dog. She also do general house hold chores with the two maids. She been taking care the bedridden elderly age 65 yrs. old. She also work in Hongkong for 2 yrs. do general house hold chores, take care the baby age 5 months old until growing up, send and fetch in school, cooking,marketing, gardening and wash car. She went back in Philippines to take rest. after almost 3 yrs. she decided to work in Malaysia for 2 yrs. She do together with the other 2 maids general house hold chores, taking care the 8 months old grand daughter, taking care of dog. cooking and marketing.

Jeanete is cheerful person, patient, obedient and simple. shes suitable to take care infant until growing up kids.

To arrange for the interview with, her Please call 67380741.

We provide a full service right to your doorstep for your convenience.

Contact Persn: Genevieve R1332297/ jasmine R1101925.

Separated (38)
Ref: PH-D-JEA...
Upd on 17-Jan-17
  • She is good at taking care of young children
  • She is hardworking with her household chores
  • She has great initiative in helping out around the house
  • She is good at cooking
  • She is humble and easy to get along with
  • She is easy to communicate with in English

    To arrange an interview with her, please call 6738 0741

    We provide a full service right to your doorstep for your convenience!

    Contact Person: Genevieve R1332297 / Jasmine R1101925

Single Parent (33)
Ref: SS-PH-Jo...
Upd on 03-Jan-17
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